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The Scorpio Full Moon — Illumination And Transformation

The Scorpio Full Moon — Illumination And Transformation

From Sivana By Arwen Bardsley

The Full Moon on 18/19th May 2019 rises in the sign of Scorpio, a water sign, always pregnant with emotional energy. Scorpio is often feared because it is a true representation of the dark, inner self that we often don’t want to reveal to the world.

We spend so much time and energy being afraid of our own authenticity due to societal expectations and the overbearing compare and despair culture of 24-hour media with everyone being the superstar in the movie of their life, put on display – the ‘good’ bits that is – for all to see. So, yes, Scorpio energy is a little bit daunting because it forces you to go inwards and reflect, especially on what it is that is stopping you from bringing that beautiful, authentic, whole you into the brilliant light of the full moon.

A full moon literally illuminates the world in its darkness and will always give us support to go through the exercise of shining a torch on the places we don’t want to see in ourselves. This then allows for transformation to occur. Transformation involves death and rebirth. We must let something die, let something go, in order to transform and the energy of a full moon always supports this process of release and letting go.

Blue moon

The full moon this month is especially potent in this respect due to the watery, emotional element of Scorpio as well as the fact that this full moon is a Seasonal Blue Moon. A Seasonal Blue Moon is a 4th Full Moon between Equinox and Solstice – and this is one such moon. This gives an extra burst of energy to the power of the moon, which may mean that a transformation will occur very suddenly and very quickly. Whenever something happens rapidly, without warning, it can be pretty uncomfortable but we need to trust that whatever occurs is for our highest good. Most worthwhile change is not easy to change, and often involves sacrifice. Even when we know on one level that something is not ‘good’ for us it can be very challenging to let it go but this is probably the sacrifice we need to make (eg. Giving up a bad habit )for transformation and growth to occur.

The sting in the tail

The warning that comes with this month’s full moon is that if you do not take the time it is encouraging you to, to go deep in reflection you may let its Scorpio influence drive you to speak or act from a place of deep and pent up emotion. So, treat the heavy energy of this full moon like a big winter doona to retreat under and indulge in some navel-gazing (and de-fluffing!) Ask for help, from whatever higher powers you believe in, or from the Moon herself, to help you to identify any blocks that are preventing you from being the whole, true, beautiful self that your soul is. Know that being able to do this comes from a place of unconditional self-love and gratitude for your innate personal power. Then, when you are quite ready, throw off the covers, remove your mask, and show your authentic face to the world and it will shine out the brilliant light of the moon from within your deepest and truest self.

Drenched with energy

Water is the element of Scorpio and is very important in managing its energy. Make sure you stay very hydrated with pure water and herbal teas. Perhaps take some reflection time in the bath or shower. If you have the opportunity to walk and think beside the sea, a lake or a river, this will enhance any insights available to you from this full moon.

Scorpio full moon ritual

To be done as close to the full moon as possible, between 15th and 23rd May.

You need:

  • A deep glass or ceramic bowl
  • Water (preferably purified water)
  • A hand towel
  • A candle (preferably a beeswax candle) and something to light it with
  • A piece of paper
  • A pen


  • Crystals that are meaningful to you
  • Essential oils that enhance cleansing and release such as tea tree, lemongrass, Purify

If you can, prepare the night before, by placing your bowl, filled with water out in the light of the moon overnight.

(Don’t forget that you should always use the cleansing power of the full moon to energize and purify any crystals as well – so the night of the 18th or 19th of May are best for this.)

Say: I invite light into the deepest, most hidden places in my heart. I trust my higher self and the universe to honor the whole of me, in creativity. I invite blessings of abundant grounding, flow, balance, love, truth, insight, and connection into my life.

  1. On your piece of paper write down all the things that have come to you that you need to release in order to transform.
  2. Fold the paper up and leave it beside the bowl.
  3. Slide your hands gently into the water. You are literally washing your hands of the things you have written.
  4. With your right hand touch 2 fingers to your 3rd eye (middle of forehead) for insight and clarity, to your lips (for true expression) and to your heart (for openness and courage).
  5. Slip your folded paper into the water and dry your hands.
  6. Light your candle to signify to the universe the intention of transformation.
  7. Allow your hands to rest lightly, palms up, on your knees. Place your attention on your breath, slowing and deepening it for a few minutes.
  8. Take this opportunity to meditate.
  9. When complete: with your next breath, you are reborn into a new expansive space – your perfect place and time within all the infinite possibilities of the cosmos.
  10. Now, placing your hands over your heart, repeat:

with acknowledgement to: David Zenon Starlyte)

The past is gone.

Now—All that I am is an entire universe.

Now—There is no part of me that is wrong.

Now—I accept all of me including those things I perceive as imperfect.

Now—I am ready for rebirth.

My heart is whole.

Now—I am reborn.

I have arrived fully into my heart.

Now—I am enough.

I am home.

And so it is. Go forth, transform, beautiful butterflies. Namaste.

NB. What to do with the water bowl and paper? What feels right to you? Whatever you do, do it with the intention of release.

  • You may want to leave it in place until the new moon on 3rd June.
  • You may want to simply put the paper in your recycling bin and throw out the water.
  • You may want to throw the water on your garden and bury the paper.

This post was republished with permission from SivanaSpirit.com. You can find the original post here.

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