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Three Relationship Killers And How To Prevent Them

Three Relationship Killers And How To Prevent Them

breakupWhen any of us hold someone dear to our hearts, we will often cling like glue to make sure everything stays in place. If you have been hurt several times in the past, there is a chance you will hold on even tighter. Nobody wants to go through heartbreak all over again. Nobody wants to stay up all night and replay every single event that led to a relationship’s demise until the tears run dry. Emotional pain is, without a doubt, one of the most grueling feelings you will ever experience. And, once these types of feelings start to consume you, it’s almost guaranteed that you will change your outward behavior and hide away from the world. While not every relationship can be mended no matter the actions you take, the below lists three things you can start doing right now to ensure your relationship doesn’t come to an abrupt end.

Where’s Your Confidence?

How many times have you been told in your life to be confident? “Be proud of who you are!” they say, but what they don’t realize is that years of emotional build up and disappointing circumstances can take a real toll on your self worth. This creates a tremendous amount of insecurity and will actually cause you to try and control the relationship situation you are in. Attempting to control, whether you realize you are doing it or not, is a quick way to sabotage a great connection. This usually happens most when your focus is solely on the past. Paying attention to repeated negative behavior might help you circumvent a potentially toxic situation, but focusing exclusively on past disappointments can cause you to incorrectly profile your current partner. You may assume he or she doesn’t care about you or doesn’t want anything to do with you when that isn’t the case at all. Sometimes people just get busy or have other things going on in their life that take priority. Simply put, don’t jump the gun and make an assumption before you know what exactly is going on.

Take these quiet or downtime periods to focus more on yourself. Get lost in your mind and wage war against your old insecurities that are stopping you from experiencing the happiness you deserve. Know it’s okay to let go of the old and make room for what you have right now. If your confidence has been wavering or if you are struggling with insecurity, start a process today to help you fall in love with yourself all over again. You are good enough and you do deserve real happiness. Starting can be as simple as writing down one or two things you like about yourself each morning. Read them before you go to sleep and write down two more things the next day. This process might seem futile, but it does truly help you feel great about who you are.


Are You Being Clingy?

Unnecessary clingy behavior is usually tied directly to insecurity. Even though insecurity and confidence have already been mentioned, this specific behavior is a quick way to create a lot of problems in your connection. The best relationships out there happen when both parties are able to do things on their own in addition to doing things together. As humans, we do crave companionship, but we also crave independence. Have you ever been with someone who demanded the two of you do everything together or would make you feel guilty whenever you wanted to do something on your own? If so, you understand how this behavior can quickly drive someone away. You don’t have to smother someone to let them know you want to be around them. You don’t have to be around them every second for him or her to know you enjoy their company. Independence is an extremely attractive quality to have and will make your relationships even stronger. The time you spend apart will also make the time you spend together even better. Give yourself a check if need be. Ask yourself if you are demanding too much from your partner. If so, take some time out for yourself and get involved in some activities you enjoy doing. Not only will it help to clear your energy, it may also serve to strengthen your connection.


Take Things At Face Value:

Reading between the lines and attempting to intuit every word your partner says is another quick way to negatively impact a good connection. If you find yourself doing this too often, then there is either a trust issue present or your partner may not being saying the things you expect them to say. Be mindful of playing out dialogue in your head. Instead, take things at face value and keep yourself in the present moment whenever the two of you are together. When you aren’t together, make sure you aren’t going over your conversations with a fine tooth comb looking for hidden clues or signs. Not only does this behavior create unnecessary stress for you, it also changes the perception you have about your partner. Once your perception is changed, your behavior will shift, and your encounters will no longer seem natural and authentic. Enjoy things for exactly what they are and allow yourself to truly enjoy the time together. It can make a remarkable difference in your relationship.



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