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Three Signs You May Be Chasing The Wrong Guy

Three Signs You May Be Chasing The Wrong Guy

chasing_smallIt’s easy to fall for the bad boys and the closet narcissists who pull at your heartstrings until they eventually break.  It’s easy to give everything you have to a situation only to be left feeling out in the cold without any hope. It’s also easy to chase them until your breath becomes shallow and you simply cannot take one more step forward.

These types of guys know how to play the game. They know how to say the right things and lead you to believe all is well even though they have no interest in taking your connection to the next level. They know how to play your emotions and in extreme cases, they know exactly how to make you feel guilty for wanting what you want.

He’s Always Unavailable

While there are legitimate reasons for someone making themselves unavailable, when it happens every time, this may not be the right connection for you. This happens most often after the first get together. He wines and dines you and the two of you enjoy a splendid night together. You part on great terms and promises are made for the next outing, but then nothing. No phone calls, no texts, no communication whatsoever and your attempts to get in touch are met with silence, excuses, or a possible half promise for another get together soon. Then, nothing more happens. While again, there are real excuses for this type of behaviour, most of the time it means he was simply out for a one night thing.  If you find yourself into this trap, look inward for answers. If your instincts are telling you this is not a good situation, then it isn’t. Take this opportunity to move forward quickly before you end up feeling even more hurt

He’s Doing You A Favor By Hanging Out

Egos almost always get in the way during a first date, but when you are made to feel like he’s doing you a huge favor by taking you out, it’s time to run and run away fast. This type of mentality is a quick way to disempower you and make you feel like much less than what you are actually worth. While this is primarily an ego based mindset on his part, the fact remains you will continue to be made to feel this way as your situation slowly progresses. You will always feel like you are dangling from a string and will always be unsure which direction your connection is heading in. This is not healthy for your mind or soul, so when it starts to happen, get out of it right away. You should always be met on common ground and should be treated as an equal.

He’s Completely Non-Committal

While it’s not okay to expect some form of commitment after only seeing someone a couple of different times, as time moves forward, things should start to change so long as the two of you continue to enjoy each other. If you are left with half commitments and feeling as if he still wants to leave his options fully open, then this is a problem with him not you, and will likely be the case for any future connections he comes in contact with. It’s normal to want to be the one the one who captures the unattainable guy, but wasting your energy on these types of situations does nothing but hold you back and you will end up feeling hurt in the long run. It’s quite possible he’s running the same line with all the other girls out there, so be mindful. These types of guys are usually out for just one thing, but do know all the right things to say to keep you coming back for more.

When it comes down to it, trust your own intuition and listen to your heart. It’s challenging when you feel a strong connection to someone and enjoy all the time you spend together, but if you are looking for something real and your current situation isn’t moving at all or if you are experiencing the above warning signs, then it’s probably time for you to make some difficult choices. Open yourself up to the idea of someone different and don’t ever change your standards because you believe you are the one who can change him. You deserve better and you deserve something real.


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