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Three Signs Your Partner Might Not Be Faithful

Three Signs Your Partner Might Not Be Faithful

Infidelity, especially now in the digital age, has become more and more of a problem. There are few things worse than finding out the person you love is sneaking around behind your back! It’s heartbreaking when you put your trust in someone only to find out they haven’t been truthful with you. Trust is one of the largest, if not the most important aspect in any relationship.

Sign 1 – Sudden Change in Schedule
If your partner is suddenly up late into the night for no apparent reason and wants constant privacy, there may be someone else in the mix. People who are unfaithful tend to have a sharp demeanor when questioned about their new late night activities and will get overly defensive quickly.

Sign 2 – Unexpected Need For Phone and Computer Privacy
Is your partner hiding his or her phone when they used to leave it lying around? Do they constantly seem distracted and immersed in their device? When asking who they are chatting with, do they respond with something relating to work even though they are constantly cracking a smile? While there are myriad reasons why someone would be using their device more often, hiding it from you regularly when it was never a problem before is a big red flag and warrants a conversation.

Additionally, keep your eye out for changing computer usage patterns. As with phone usage, there are several instances where nothing is going on at all, but if your partner suddenly spends their time online all night when they never did before, there may be a problem. Keep the communication open!

Sign 3 – Cancelled Plans and/or Conversations With No Substance
Is your partner cancelling the plans the two of you made? Is he or she suddenly busy all the time, yet you see no signs of other life stress getting in their way? While everyone needs time to themselves to recharge the batteries, constant changes in plans or unexpected late nights can be a signal that someone else is in the picture.

Lastly, if your partner seems distracted all the time while the two of you are talking and your conversations suddenly lack substance, yet they seem excited elsewhere in life, that is also a sign that a third party could be making their way into your relationship.



If you are experiencing any of the above warning signs or a combination of more than one, then it might be time to find out exactly what is going on. Open dialogue and conversation initiated by you usually helps to wash away the anxiety and worries, but not always. If you want to find out what your partner is really up to and want to find out if they are being faithful, reach out to any one of our love psychics directly today via our Psychic Txt App. They hold the ability to pick right up on your partner and will let you know what is really going on. You deserve to find out.

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