Three Ways To Ensure a Smoother Mercury Retrograde

Three Ways To Ensure a Smoother Mercury Retrograde

mercIt seems like we were just talking about this a short while ago, but Mercury Retrograde is back and starts today through September 22nd. This is a period where we tend to experience a lot of computer issues, travel delays, communication snafu’s and even mechanical breakdowns. Emotions have a tendency to get a bit erratic during this period and you may even find yourself feeling short fused. It’s not all bad though! Old connections have a way of resurfacing during these periods which gives you an opportunity to resolve any unfinished conflict or even start anew.  For this MercRx, we’ve provided three tips to ensure you experience the smoothest ride possible.

Communicate Clearly

Communication is by far one of the biggest challenges experienced during Mercury Retrograde. You may find yourself constantly misunderstood which can result in arguments and unnecessary confusion. This is especially true if you allow your emotions to rule everything and get amped up over seemingly trivial things. Keep yourself in check this cycle. Say what you mean and mean exactly what you say. Also, keep things simple. Don’t accidentally over complicate a situation when it truly isn’t necessary. Remember,  it’s usually easiest to draw a line from point A to point B, so make sure you aren’t zig zagging all over the place and inadvertently stressing yourself and others out.

Plan Ahead

Nobody likes travel delays, but this is a period where annoying and unexpected problems seem to arise. Whether it’s a delayed flight or an unexpected traffic jam when you are already running late for work, these situations can create a lot of stress. The best advice is to leave early. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to be even if that means arriving an hour early. I can assure you it’s better to be there early than dealing with rescheduling travel or trying to explain to your superior why you are late during a period where communication is already challenging. 

Make Time For Yourself

It goes without saying that decompress time and time where you can simply let go and not think about anything is healthy no matter what time of year it is, but it’s especially helpful during MercRx. When emotions start running rampant and tempers flare for no apparent reason, the energy exuded around you can be quite draining and affect you than what would be noticed during other times. It’s also normal to have so much going on that you don’t even realize you haven’t made any time for yourself. We suggest at least one hour per day. This doesn’t mean you need to meditate for this full hour, but take advantage of it. Kick back, relax, enjoy the quiet and let go of any unwanted thoughts. Not only will this practice serve to keep your energy clean of unwanted negative debris, it will also ensure you work to stay more positive in general. Remember, your positivity can be intoxicating and have a substantial effect on those around you which can even help to make their Mercury Rx better. 
If would like to know what to expect this Mercury Rx or wonder who may be coming back into your life, reach out directly to any one of our trusted psychic advisors. Not only can then see what’s to come, they can also provide you with invaluable advice to stay on the best path.  


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