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Tips to manifest positive energy for the new year and decade 

Tips to manifest positive energy for the new year and decade 


Today’s about what you’re bringing to the table; if your focus is towards love and improving or rekindling a relationship this new year, take a good look at yourself first! – this doesn’t mean “no one will love you if you don’t love yourself,”  this is saying it’s easier to attract what you are holding.

There will be a change of luck in this new year if you believe it within.  Everything comes in cycles- we ended the page on the calendar and are stepping into the next chapters in our lives.

Each new year our energies have a cycle reset, make the most of it by setting goals, showing gratitude and motivating yourself to be the very best version that you can be, push yourself and stand strong this new year.

When you are faced with challenges don’t give up or allow negative energy to cloud your train of thought, you GOT this!

Patience is a virtue, we cannot control time, but we can control how we react- allow the universe to take full control of this new year and trust in the divine that when the timing is right all will manifest and pan out for you.

We often get frustrated when things don’t happen in a timely matter, so instead of old habits and worrying of WHEN it will pan out, be optimistic that it WILL pan out when the universe allows it to.

Going into this new decade with a positive attitude but also maintaining and continuing to grow with your spirituality really will make a major breakthrough for you in this new cycle and the years yet to come.

Wash away all bad energy by detoxing your spirit; whether it be getting a reading, self-indulging, even a new a haircut/ manicure, changing your home decor, etc.  Do things that’ll make you feel good. Your spirit works hard, honor and self indulge in return.

Energy is all around us, if you know what to do with it, it’ll be good to you this new year!

If you have any questions related to any of the following areas below I’ll be more than delighted to help guide you through this journey.

Many blessings and cheers to an amazing first week of 2020!




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