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Two Steps To Take Control of Anxiety

Two Steps To Take Control of Anxiety

how-to-overcome-anxiety_1-1024x683While we have briefly discussed stress in the past, it is important to note that stress and anxiety will not only affect our physical health, but will also negatively impact our spiritual selves. Maintaining a relaxed and positive vibe is critical to bringing everything into our lives that we do truly desire. Exuding this type of energy also helps us see success in our lives and strengthens our relationships with others. Below please find two steps you can take right now to control the anxiety and get you back on track for the life you desire most.






It’s not easy to think about something as relaxing as meditation when a situation has you completely stressed out. The idea of quieting the mind when your thoughts are racing always sounds good oshomedin theory, but isn’t the easiest to execute. However, learning to follow a meditative practice and allowing your mind to temporarily clear will do wonders for you, especially when it is practiced regularly.

Keep in mind, it is not necessary to follow any traditional form of meditation. You aren’t required to sit in an uncomfortable position and listen to music you don’t particular care for. Instead, consider taking part in any activity that clears you mind. For some, this is working outdoors, for others- music, walking, exercise, and even things like house cleaning have a tendency to help the mind clear out. Once you get into that present state, you will often receive intuitive insight that helps to alleviate the anxiety you were feeling. Simply put, your own personal spirit guides are ready and willing to communicate with you, but that won’t happen until you are in the proper mental state. Next time you are feeling anxious, stressed, and are ready to pull your hair out, take a deep breath, and go do something different. Do something you enjoy and know it’s okay to temporarily let go of the problem. It will make a genuine difference. Start with two small sessions per day and then either make your sessions longer or add in additional small sessions whenever you feel that anxiety brewing.


overthinkLet Go Of The “What If’s”

How often have you been faced with a difficult situation and then started in with the “What If’s?”. What if I do X instead of Y? What if he doesn’t call me? What if things don’t work out at work? The list goes on and on (and on), but this type of behaviour is a guaranteed way to exacerbate the stressful feelings you are already facing. Asking yourself these questions will not help you find a new solution, they will only make you feel more trapped inside of your own circumstances.

It’s normal to wonder about the problem, but simply be mindful of how many different scenarios you create your mind. Consider focusing in on a solution by taking part in the meditative suggestion written above. Let the solution come to you and consider the idea of embracing the unknown. Believe that the only moment you truly have is right now and let things play out naturally. Not only will it help to eliminate unnecessary anxiety, it will also make you feel empowered and in full control of your own destiny.



If you are facing a lot of anxiety about a situation and need help getting the clarity you deserve, reach out directly to any one of our trusted psychic advisors. They have the gifts, skills, and information you need to eliminate your stressful mindset today.