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Understanding Differences in Insight

18 Sep 2017, by psychictxt in Empowerment, Life Path, Love, Positive Thinking, Psychic Development, Psychic Readings, Psychics, Relationships

By: Psychic Rhonda

But The Other Psychic Said

 Greetings! I wanted to touch base about the subject of consulting multiple readers and share my own personal experience and possibly why you may have received different responses or worse, were left feeling even more confused. First, I would like to say that there is nothing wrong with reaching out to another advisor for more clarity or another opinion and hey, sometimes you have more questions as soon as the reading is over..happened to me before(lol). So don’t feel that this is forbidden.     

However, I do recommend sticking to only about two to three of the most accurate advisors you’ve consulted in the past instead of random various ones. My reasons for saying this is that normally the advisors you connect well with and are drawn to tend to have similar reading styles and it’s easy for you to understand each other. Not everyone intuits things in the same manner so if you are going to various readers please bear this in mind. Someone may strictly use tarot cards during your session and another may read from a lower end of the spectrum providing a wider gray area which in turn may not really give you a simple yes or no response or the exact answer you are looking for. 

Now, let me explain my experience..I remember it was late one night and I was extremely stressed about my relationship with a now ex and my mind was all over the place. I decided it would be best to consult an advisor and get some answers no matter how bad of news it was. Listed below are their responses and my emotional state afterwards:

  • Everything is fine and is going to work out great, this person is faithful, loves you and wants to marry you” (didn’t believe this was true so contacted another with skeptical energy)


  • This person is a manipulator and has been cheating on you the entire time..walk away” (Hurt and devastated so contacted another with desperate energy)
  • Forget about him,you’re going to meet a handsome doctor that will whisk you away and you will live happily ever after” (Completely confused so I gave up and decided to call it a night lol)


The main point is that I was confused coming into the readings and although I told myself I wanted the truth part of me still wanted to hear only what I wished to hear and even when I did in the initial reading, it still wasn’t good enough! My vibration was low and negative which in turn will sometimes cause a negative session. Plus skepticism can alter a reading, too. It can throw an advisor off sometimes and cause a blockage if the energy is too negative, so if you are in this state give yourself some me, it will be worth it.

Advisors are always willing and eager to help, it’s in our nature to do so before assuming you will get bad news or they won’t understand or that they will be wrong..go into it with an open heart and mind. It may be hard if you are highly stressed and emotional but take a breather and repeat your favorite mantra if it helps.  Also, if you aren’t in the mental state to believe anything other than what you wish you may want to give thought to how that sort of thinking will affect your reading outcome. What you may NOT know or dread to know could actually turn out to be some positive useful information for your highest good.

Psychic Rhonda


If you have questions about your life or relationships, reach out directly to Psychic Rhonda, today. She will be happy to look into your personal situation and provide you with the clarify you need. 


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    Annmarie Reply

    I am guilty of this. I asked 7 psychics the same question and 6 all gave the same response and 1 gave the complete opposite..and with that one single different response.. Left me scared and doubtful. Stick to no more than 3.

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    Maria j Reply

    This has happened to me over the course of 3 yrs. I did finally weed out the advisors who I felt no connection or just told me what I already knew. And more than 3 had pretty much given me the same answers but in their own way. So for the most part go with the ones you feel a connection with. In time you will know and begin to trust their insights and get your answers.

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    Maria Johnson Reply

    This has happened to me. My fault cause I get so damn anxious. I have pretty much learned my lesson the hard way. And spent so much time and money just to find out in the end the outcome be just as my own intuition was telling me. So it is important space out your readings and readers and limit yourself to just 3 at the most. And if your intuition is trying to show you something for Gods sake pay attention. It would of saved me a bad heartbreak if I did.

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      psychictxt Reply

      Hello Maria, Glad you enjoyed the article. Best Wishes, From PsychicTxt