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Understanding Tarot and Numerology: What Numbers in Tarot Means

Understanding Tarot and Numerology: What Numbers in Tarot Means

One thing to understand is that numbers in the tarot are not considered the main focus of the readings. However, they can be extremely useful in knowing a lot about reading. Are you seeing numbers in reading as some sort of pattern? Which number is prominent in tarot reading? Well, there are a lot of queries that come to mind when it comes to knowing about tarot numerology. Let’s scroll down to know know the significance on numbers in tarot reading:

Insight of Minor Arcana for Tarot Numerology

Meaning of Ones in Tarot

When you see 1 number in the reading, it indicates that something new is going to happen. It also means various new opportunities. This is mainly a pure energy that needs to be taken care of to avoid any issues.

Meaning of Twos in Tarot

Are you seeing 2 in pair in your tarot card? If yes then it represents harmony.  In addition to this, the appearance of 2 in pairs also indicates a merging of opposite forces that creates a whole.

Meaning of Threes in Tarot

The occurrence of threes in the tarot depicts different outcomes. These outcomes can occur when a group comes together. These threes in reading also indicate an initial completion of the first phase of any sort of work.

Meaning of Fours in Tarot

The fours in the tarot reading numerology indicate that some sort of foundation has been created. This foundation will keep growing and moving forward.

Meaning of Fives in Tarot

If you are seeing fives in tarot then this is a presentation of conflict, change, and fluctuations. This number also contains the same energy that of fours in tarot.

Meaning of Sixes in Tarot

Fives in tarot reading represent conflicts but sixes in reading means moving away with a solution to solve the conflict. This tarot card also depicts light after darkness.

Meaning of Sevens in Tarot

Seeing sevens in the tarot represents that it is the right time to step back and move again at the same pace. By using these sevens in reading, it can be known whether your taken step is good for you or not,

Meaning of Eights in Tarot

In tarot numerology, eight is an indicator of achievement and success. This number can also be an indicator of the emotional aspects of the person.

Meaning of Nines in Tarot

Seeing nines in the cards means nearing completion. Whether it’s a work or any sort of achievement, these nines represent a transitory stage for completion.

Meaning of Tens in Tarot

Tens in the tarot cards mean the actual completion of the cycle that has come to an end. This will also indicate a new beginning in the person’s life.


In tarot numerology for minor arcana, there are certain numbers that represent a lot of things. Seeing a number in pairs in the tarot card reading indicates conflicts, success, solutions and many other aspects. If you’re interested in tarot card reading then you can also navigate to the Psychictxt app to get more details.

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