Understanding Your Life Purpose: How a Life Purpose Reading Can Help You

Understanding Your Life Purpose: How a Life Purpose Reading Can Help You

By Psychic Jessica

“I need to understand my Life Purpose!” I have often heard this statement from clients asking me to help them in their life purpose. So, I thought about writing an article about how I could help you with making decisions about your life purpose and the direction to take. This information can also be used for coaching, soul finding, and heart desires.

When it comes to a Life Purpose Reading, I can read energy, auras, and even sense vibrations. I can guide you regarding what options/opportunities are coming your way and how/when things can work in your favor. Also, a Life Purpose Reading can help you in making decisions like whether you should follow your heart and soul desires, or it can help you figure out when it’s time to have children.  I have studied life purpose, soul coaching, and I am also a clutter coach.

Our life purpose really starts when we are children. As we grow up trying to figure out what we would love to do in different areas of our life such as career, romance etc. and other life choices that we make become a part of our Life Purpose. Most people do not remember what they wanted to be as a child, but as we grow we choose different paths in our lives, and the purpose can change. I have had people who wanted to be a healer, spiritual counselor, and help people with their hands. But as we grow our path can change dramatically.

Technology is going mainstream, and we need to understand computers, tablets and smartphones and their effect on our life purpose.  Maybe you are looking for help to understand what area of study to focus on, such as nursing or working on cars. I have the ability to understand what you could do career wise and where you should focus.

I can also sense what you need to do to continue your life purpose. I can determine what obstacles you may face while you’re trying to figure it out and the path you should be on.

Also, your current life purpose is a part of your past life, as we have lived so many lives. Understanding our past lives and their influence on our current one can also be a part of having a Life Purpose Reading.

Numerology influences are also part of a Life Purpose Reading. What number are you in this life time? It goes by your first and last name. I would not suggest getting this completed unless you do not mind someone knowing your full name. I have read people who are on their second life, and some are on their fifth.

As a child, you probably listened to your parents regarding what they wanted you to do in your life. Sometimes that is not the answer, as we all need help figuring out what and where we belong on this earth. I would say never give up. If you need help figuring it all out, talk to me today.

Blessings, Jessica


About Psychic Jessica

Psychic Jessica is a Psychic with PsychicTxt. If you are feeling unsure about your life path, reach out directly to her using our PsychicTxt App. She can see clearly into your future and provide you with information to ensure your success and happiness.