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In every democratic country Elections and other political procedures are very important to understand a country’s governance and these procedures can either greatly advance or set back a country’s long-term democratic growth, as well as regional, and global foreign policy preferences. 

According to Oxford Learner’s dictionary, Numerology means “the use of numbers to try to tell somebody what will happen in the future.As the theory goes, each number has a unique vibration, giving it certain properties. These properties can shed light on a person’s behaviour or predict events in the future.  In the upcoming US elections, there are 2 candidates for the next presidentship, One is the current President Donald John Trump and the second is Joseph Robinette Biden. Let’s look at their Life path, which is calculated from FULL Date of Birth.

Let’s have a look into Mr. Trump’s Life path number. 14 June 1946= 1+4+0+6+1+9+4+6 adds up to 31 which equals to 4 (3+1).

The year 2020 also represents number 4 (2+0+2+0=4). So, year 2020 is lucky for Trump”.  As Per his date of birth 14 (1+4)= 5 which is ruled by planet Mercury and his Sun sign is Gemini which is also ruled by Mercury. This election would be the 59th quadrennial presidential election and therefore it also correlates with Trump’s number (5+9=14, 1+4=5). People driven by 5 numbers are very witty, Charismatic and have the tendency to stay on top during their prime time.If we calculate Donald Trump’s occult number, it comes to 3 and the election date is also 3.  As per the lo shu grid calculation, Trump’s Spiritual grid is missing but his Materialistic grid is very prominent which suggests that his inclination towards materialistic desires and his ambition to remain in power is very powerful.



Let’s have a look at Mr. Biden’s Life path number. So, 20 November 1942= 2+0+1+1+1+9+4+2 adds up to 20 which equals to 2 (2+0).

2 number is the symbol of Moon, which is a calm and non-aggressive celestial body. It brings indecisive, and overly sensitive personality traits which does not reflect the qualities of a leader. His Sun Sign is Scorpio (remember Hilary’s sun sign was also Scorpio).  This is driven by the water element (mistaken for fire element), life is like a game of chess and scorpionic don’t show their all cards but most of the time their planning falls flat.  As per Biden’s Lo Shu grid, spiritual gris is also missing but he is weak emotionally, time to time feel down and need support, need partner for doing something, do not like doing things alone




It is going to be a close contest, however, Trump’s numbers are being more aggressive and he being hungry for success gives him an edge over Biden’s calm and collective personality. The numbers are suggesting Donald Trump’s win for 2020 Elections.

What would be the Impact on the US if Trump wins?

The most devastating effect would be on the undocumented immigrants. Trump’s toughest policies are floated by the conservative think tanks. The second term for Trump would make life harder not only for undocumented immigrants but also for the documented immigrants. It could be only a matter of time before the re-elected Trump’s administration would come down heavily on immigrants. The policy of Tax cutting would remain in place and that would increase the debts. No large funding would push through and the relation with China would deteriorate further. Pandemic unemployment would increase and there would be a high probability of nationwide riots. His second term would bring a more conservative approach to the Judicial System. All in all, it is going to be a horror story for The United States of America. 

Your In House Numerologist, Shivaay