Weekend Lenormand Love Forecast – 10/30 – 11/1

Weekend Lenormand Love Forecast – 10/30 – 11/1



Happy Wednesday, Psychic Txt’ers!

This weekend brings a new opportunity to experience love and romance. While many will be dressing up in their ghoulish costumes, it may be time for you to sort through your closet, pull out those shoes you never thought you would get to wear, and have a great night out!

The first card in our weekend forecast is the Lenormand Book. This card usually indicates some type of secret, but today you are asked to open up your energy fully to what the future may bring. Are you harboring past hurts? Are you holding onto a relationship situation that no longer serves you? If so, let it all go. Open this book up, turn the page, and write yourself a brand new chapter. Now is the time to start afresh and experience the bliss you desire most.

Our next card, the Lenormand Lily, is asking you to find peace within yourself and hold onto that wonderful feeling. When you push a peaceful and content vibe without any level of expectation, you will literally magnetize your energy and draw in new individuals who are excited to meet and get to know you.

Lastly, the Anchor is a card of stability and long term commitments. You are being asked to maintain this newly found emotional freedom, not only for the sake of feeling great, but also for the purpose of achieving what you have been waiting so long for. Make a commitment to yourself to release those past hurts and difficult situations. You deserve more, and what you want is right around the corner.

What makes this particular pull so exciting is the dual meaning it holds. While a spiritual lesson will always be prevalent, these cards, when read together, also indicate an admirer of sorts. This individual is likely older than you and has had his eye on you for some time now. Have you noticed him? Have you caught this distinguished gentleman glancing over at you from time to time? If so, start up a conversation, get to know him and you may just find the match you have been looking for and of course, an excuse to wear those shoes!

If you would like a more personalized reading and want to find out what this weekend has in store for you in the romance department, message any one of our authentic love psychics directly. We have the answers you are looking for.