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Weekend Tarot Reading – 11/7-11/8

Weekend Tarot Reading – 11/7-11/8

PT Weekend Tarot 1107

Happy Weekend Psychic Txt’ers!

What’s so wonderfully unique about the Tarot is the fact that the meanings are endless. There are truly countless ways to interpret these cards. If you dabble with Tarot, you can of course, go by textbook definitions if they make the most sense to you, but I also encourage you to rely heavily on your own intuitive ways when making interpretations. You would be surprised at what you can come up with!

For this weekend, I am using my Steampunk Tarot deck and we are going to look at these cards a couple of different ways.  Personally, I tend to pay attention to semi-standard meanings for the spiritual lessons.

Our first card, the Nine of Cups, is the proverbial wish card. This implies that good fortune is likely coming your way and is also a message that your desires are right around the corner! Have you been trying to attract something into your life? Have you been writing down the same item over and over in your personal manifestation journal? If so, and if you have already shown the proper levels of gratitude, then it’s time to stop! The universe is letting you know that these desires are right around the corner and that there is no further need to ask for them.  Constant focus is known as lusting for a result. This behaviour indirectly creates a doubtful mindset which will stop all manifestation in its tracks.

Our next card, the Five of Cups, is a card of temporary disappointments. It shows us what happens when we constantly focus on what are trying to bring into our lives.  It produces a lowly and remorseful feeling which is no way to spend your weekend! Don’t let this negative attitude take the center stage.

Instead, take a lesson from our third card, the Seven of Pentacles. This is a card of patience. Allow these desires to manifest naturally and make sure you don’t assign time values to when they should happen. Creating expectations is a sure fire way to stop things from actually coming to be. Just get out, enjoy yourself, and allow everything to happen in divine time.

On a different note, there is an overwhelming message not to over indulge this weekend. You may be greeted by open arms initially, but you will miss out on all the fun if you don’t practice some moderation.  After a hard work week, you deserve to have some real fun, but aren’t going to enjoy yourself at all if you end up losing half the night!

It is also very possible that a new creative spark will hit you during the latter part of the weekend or you may have some leftover work you want to finish prior to the new week. If you are feeling lousy from your weekend activities, then you may not feel compelled to take any action whatsoever. It’s critical to grab the bull by the horns whenever you feel an instinctual pull to get something done, so keep yourself in good order. Be mindful of overindulgence, and absolutely take action when you feel that creative impluse this weekend. Your activity could easily turn into something that will take you down a brand new path or help bring your desires to fruition that much faster!

Bright Blessings for a wonderful weekend!

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