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Weekly Love Horoscope 10/3 – 10/9

Weekly Love Horoscope 10/3 – 10/9


Things become a lot more serious on the relationship front this week, after the weekend’s New Moon called for a commitment from you. In the early weeks of your most important relationship year in over a decade and whether single, in a relationship or between relationships the relationship gods ask that you start contributing to your own success. While the potential for relationship growth is huge and a favourable wind will continue to blow through for the coming year, no wind is a favourable one if you don’t take advantage of it. It doesn’t matter where you start from so long as you start from a place of truth and with a commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve what you know is possible. Whether seeking a relationship or investing in the one you have, do what you can, with what you’ve got from where you’re at.


While you have reached an important week for both matters of the heart and your relationships, you are at the sunset of one and the dawn of another, with each needing your attention but in different ways. Cosmic shifts on Friday this will bring your most important year for love and matters of the heart in over a decade to an end, with these final days all about working to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page, developing the kind of mindset that will define what you want from love and what you’ll give in return over the coming weeks and months. At the same time your relationships are moving into a new chapter and whether single, in a relationship or between relationships there is a need to listen to your heart and your emotional responses, especially in the early part of the week, for they come from a place of truth.


A combination of the weekend’s romantically charged New Moon and the romantically charged lunar vibes in play in the early hours of the week allows you to not only start the week on a romantic note, but with a new sense of conviction. While a New Moon is always an opportunity for new beginnings and a fresh start, the first in over a decade with lucky Jupiter on board was a chance to commit to your luckiest year for love in over a decade. This is something you’re able to grab the tail end of as you move into the week, knowing that this is just the start of the journey. In a week where relationship matters are temporarily taking a back seat, this is a chance to make matters of the heart a priority. Whether in the midst of a romantic drought or an exciting love story the love gods are able to take what you have and make it simply a starting point and all you need to do is let them know you’re committed.


There is a bit of tic for tac between the love and relationship gods this week that you’re able to take advantage of, as each tries to outdo the other in order to grab your support. Both are taking advantage of the fact that the manic work push of recent weeks has eased back and that you’re starting to appreciate the importance of work/life balance. Both sides are rolling out their A team and if having the love gods focused on a romantically charged area of your chart wasn’t enough, romantically charged lunar vibes in the early part of the week will create a potent romantic cocktail that will render even your most stubborn excuses useless. At the same time the planets of war and revolution have come together to spice up your relationships and whether single, in a relationship or between relationships are urging you to come out fighting for what you want. You get to pick and choose what you want to sample.


While a mission to fuel your romantic passions and fighting spirit ended last week, you’ve got enough in your tanks to last for months, if not years. What you don’t have is room for excuses, with romantically charged lunar vibes midweek and the romantic sentiment this triggers allowing you to tap back into a sense of what you’re fighting for. This will give the love gods a chance to speak through your heart’s emotional responses, delivering the unexpected message that the best is still to come. You know what you want from love, what you’re fighting for and you have the passion and warrior spirit to make it happen, with the question now being, what are you going to do with it? There are clues this week to romantic developments ahead, with more surprises in store and developments ahead.


While you’re not quite out of the woods yet when it comes to the personal and/or relationship tensions that have dogged you for the past 16 months, by the end of the week you will be. Yet from the get go the communication and relationship gods have come together to both make these final days count and to prepare for life after it’s over. It is Mercury’s departure from your sign on Friday that will finally take the pressure off your relationships, but as the planet of communication his final days are all about having the communication lines open, with pressure increasing the potential for a breakthrough. With some real breakthroughs possible and support to give your emotional responses and relationships a voice, this is a week for getting everything out in the open. At the same time, a romantic drought is also breaking.


In the early days of your birthday month and new solar year but also the early weeks of a major new chapter of personal growth there are already likely to be signs that this is putting pressure on your relationships. As you start to expect more for and from yourself this can’t help but raise the bar on your relationship expectations and if that creates some personal and/or relationship tension at times, you have the means to even turn that into an advantage. Whether single, in a relationship or between relationships you’re able to use the weekend’s New Moon as a chance to draw a line in the sand, raising the bar on what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. This has been a chance for a reboot, this time with the communication lines not only open but in a real and authentic way.


There is a strong sense of confidence in the air this week, something that even a bit of relationship tension early in the week can’t shake. Monday’s lunar influences are likely to evoke strong emotional responses, but also push some buttons on the relationship front, but in what is your last chance this year to look at what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. There might be some strong emotional responses to relationship matters early in the week, with any old buttons this pushes and old triggers that go off providing some important wakeup calls. Yet the love gods are providing blanket support to both matters of the heart and your relationships, with any wakeup calls on either front simply a reminder of what you want and need, at a time when you have the means to turn wants and needs into reality.


A sense of romantic nostalgia that started to take hold last week deepens even further this week, bolstered by a growing sense of confidence. While Venus’ return to Sagittarius later in the month will see new romantic doors open and some of your heart’s focus shift to the future, for now it is all about the past. Yet it’s not just that the doors are open to the past and second chances as the love gods take your heart on a nostalgic trip down love’s memory lane, but the fact that the laws of attraction and synchronicity are both in effect. The doors aren’t just open to the past in a way that allows you to wander through and cherry pick what you want from the past, but in a way that the past is likely to step through those doors and take you by surprise. Don’t be surprised if you bump into some ghosts from the past this week, in some cases literally.


For the only time while the love gods are working through the laws of attraction and synchronicity to put you in the right place at the right time, an intuitive edge in the early days of the week makes this transparent, providing the clues and hunches that serendipitous moments depend on. With the love gods already increasing the odds of serendipitous moments and/or encounters, having the Moon on board gives you the intuitive edge needed to read the signs that can lead to fateful moments. The early days of the week will be the most serendipitous, but once you get the knack of following and trusting your gut you’ll retain that edge even after it moves on. There is magic in the air this week and whether you’re single or connected there is a need to not only believe in fate but be willing to take some blind leaps of faith.


While you might find it hard to make either romance or your relationships a priority this week, with no active support on either front, where both get a boost from is a sense of adventure in the air from the get go. As well as a reminder that it’s all about the journey, a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure is essential to staying out of a romantic or relationship rut and even more so if you want to avoid complacency. This is also a chance to challenge your excuses and while you might be perfectly happy single or how your love life or relationships are, but without questioning that then there are no checks and balances when you start wandering into a state of complacency. The answer at the end of the day might be that everything is exactly how you want it to be, but you’ve got to stop and ask the question from time to time.


Your relationships are receiving mixed blessings this week, with personal and/or relationship tensions running high but with that comes the support for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough. For over two months the communication and relationship gods have been working to give your relationships a voice and whether single, in a relationship or between relationships to set new intentions for the future, with one last push to get through this week.. While the pressure is there so too is your voice, but lose the pressure and you lose the voice, with your job being to find a balance where this can be productive. Regardless of your relationship status there is a need to not only ensure the communication lines are open now, but they stay open in the future.


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