What The Cards Say: Will Trump Win the USA Election?

What The Cards Say: Will Trump Win the USA Election?

Hi, It’s Jasmine! With the 2020 Presidential Election approaching fast emotions are high as Americans are set to take to the polls November 3. Today I am looking at the energies around President Trump (using the Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling System), what can help him and what can hinder him in the coming weeks and whether these current energies lean toward the success or failure of his re-election campaign.

Our first energy presenting is the Hearse in position 1.  What we have here is an indication that President Trump is currently dealing with an illness. The Hearse can indicate death but in this position, it does indicate a struggle with sickness that is likely to be overcome. We know that President Trump has currently been suffering from the Corona Virus so this is just validation that we are in the right energy.

Our second and third energies here are the Anchor in position 1 as well as the fish in position 3.  The Anchor in position 1 is indicative of success, stability, things really staying the same as they are now. It is also indicative of a Captain that will not leave his ship sinking. This is how The President sees himself, as someone who is not willing to allow his ship to sink even if he must fight until the bitter end, in his energy, in his mind, he is fighting for the good of what he perceives as his ship.  The fish in the third position signifies abundance and prosperity. The focus of his election is based on the economy and building up what has been lost due to the pandemic lockdowns. This is incredibly important to him and he is hyperfocused on this particular issue as this is his pride and joy, which he understands as his primary strength. In his perspective, he and only he can fix what has been damaged. He feels confident that the American people will trust him in this.

The next energy to come up here is the Handshake, again in position 1. (upright)  The Handshake notes strong ties of friendship and support. His voter base looks to be stable and won’t be swayed. This is indicative that the people that support President Trump and die hard supporters and have only grown stronger since the last election. If this energy was in a different position (reversed) it would show the loss of support but this is showing gaining and stable voter base in support of his re-election especially taking into account the previous energies of the Anchor and Fish.

We now have the Fox energy in position 1.  The energy of the Fox shows deceit by someone in his court. This shows the potential here for someone that he has trusted to turn against him, someone that is playing both sides. The fox is cunning and feels no shame, their focus is entirely on their profit. It shows an energy of this person selling him out, getting caught up in what they may gain and putting that before the relationship they have built with him.

The last energy we have is the Dagger in position 3.  So what we have here is an energy of someone being brought down a few notches. This betrayal we see in the fox will hurt President Trump but likely not his campain as it will be kept out of the public at first and we may not hear of it until the new year. It will not cost votes, but it will damage him internally, this is a very personal betrayel.

So overall, with the energies that have come up here we see that although there are some personal health and emotional hits that The President will have to deal with, it appears that his energy is strong and his voter base is unwavering, the issues that are yet to come seem to be on a more personal level. It does look as though while he may not win in a landslide as is being talked about, there will be victory for President Trump on November 3rd. 

~Love and Light, Jasmine