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What’s Next? The Holidays, Mercury Retrograde, and 2017!

What’s Next? The Holidays, Mercury Retrograde, and 2017!

fern2As December approaches it’s midpoint, our sun moves into the house of Capricorn (December 22-Jan 19) and ever closer to the New Year. Many of us will find the change out of the turbulent 2016 as a welcome relief: we’ve been tested, shifted, and thrown every which way. 2016 was a year of 9 in numerology, which is a higher energy. Many of  us found ourselves becoming more aware of aspects of our lives that we had either ignored or turned a blind eye to before. A lot of the “darkness” that was under the radar was exposed and has come to the surface of our lives. While this change was difficult for a lot of us, especially sensitive beings, it ultimately allowed what is no longer serving us to be seen and released by our conscious mind. For some, this could be relationships, friendships or jobs lost, later finding that we were unhappy in them anyway. For others, we may have just gone through a dark period where we needed to rest and recuperate, facing more internal darkness than external.

 The year isn’t over yet, and winter is just around the corner. The season of Capricorn focuses on family, traditions, your roots to your stability. December 19th ushers in our next period of Mercury in Retrograde, a time often given a lot of negativity by it’s tendency to break down communications and opportunities. It’s unrelenting that such a trying year would end in the time of most struggles with others! The key here is to be aware of where Mercury is affecting you, and taking some steps back to breathe when trying to communicate. Because this retrograde falls in the house of Capricorn, be aware that your family connections and finances will come under focus during this time. During your holiday travels, be extra vigilant on the road, and extra patient with dealing with family members who just don’t seem to listen.

2017 is a 1 year in numerology, making it a year of renewal, rebirth and beginnings. In a lot of ways, 2016 allowed us to let go, which leaves room for 2017 to be building ourselves anew after all of the changes. We’ve metaphorically cleared the way for wonderful new things to enter! This puts us back into the drivers seat to take control of where we want our lives to go. Have you ever just wished you could start over again, and how you would do things differently? In a way, you will be given this chance in the new year. 2017 will set the stage for a new way to build your life into what you’ve desired. Always wanted to take that job in floral design, but never felt you could leave your desk job behind? Now is the time to make that change. Or maybe your relationship has taken a down turn, and you find yourself butting heads frequently with your spouse. Now is the right time to begin talking with them about better ways to handle the stress, and reconnect that spark that you felt in the beginning with your relationship. Set your intentions, and let 2017 be the breath of fresh air after a long year. It’s your year to truly follow your dreams!


If you would like to find out more about your Mercury Retrograde this holiday season or your future in 2017, reach out directly to Psychic Fern or any one of our talented psychic advisors today. They can look into your new year and let you know exactly what to expect!