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Why should you talk to a Professional Psychic Reader

Why should you talk to a Professional Psychic Reader

This is one of my frequently asked questions as a professional Psychic Reader; “Why should you talk to a Professional Psychic Reader- why not just talk to a friend?”.


I am grateful to live in a time where seeking professional guidance and healing is becoming more socially acceptable; not just hiding our feelings and “getting on with it”.


Here are some reasons why “talking to a friend” may not be appropriate while you navigate some confusing and stressful situations:


  1. If you are lucky to have friends who you can talk through while struggling, that does not mean that they are equipped to support you in a helpful, professional and therapeutic way.

Even for friends who are understanding, it is not always appropriate to expect them to hold space for you to work through what you are going through. People can mean well with “advice” but most likely our situations are complex and with many layers, beyond the scope of a “friendship” dynamic.


  1. “Isn’t it weird to pay a stranger to tell them your problems?”. Actually with a Professional Psychic Reader who is the right fit for you; it is a very good thing to speak to someone who does not have an agenda about your situation. For example, if you are questioning ending your relationship; it’s important to speak to someone who will have no judgment or reason for their perception to be colored.


When the future is unclear, you need clear and honest ANSWERS. It is unlikely that a friend can give guidance on your relationship, career path or other life decisions beyond their own filters of judgment and assumptions.


Approaching a psychic reader indicates a resonance and desire towards a spiritual path and seeking guidance beyond textbook answers. Normally people will say to me that speaking to me is a huge relief that nobody had understood them before. Sometimes they will say that I helped heal a block or solve a mystery they have had their whole life.

Carol Cavanagh


Carol is Available at Psychictxt for Live chat and Text Readings.