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Will We Experience Any Extraterrestrial Activity in 2017?

Will We Experience Any Extraterrestrial Activity in 2017?

17 Predictions of 2017 – Day 16 -Will We Experience Any Extraterrestrial Activity in 2017?

Hello and happy 2017, my senses have been intrigued lately a lot by extraterrestrial activity going on not only through outer space, but also through Inner Space.
I do sense that we will pick up on a lot of different activities through Outer Space & Communications with some sort of different being, from what I am picking up on. I do see that this will happen between September and November of 2017. It will intrigue us, but unfortunately will not be paid very much attention to. There already has been a lot of activity going on in outer space, but we have failed to notice some of the signs that surround us. I do keep picking up on three significant signs that we will see or hear about in  2017.

I’m picking up on one sighting being in the United States that will make the news location in a dry desolate area, but will be seen by surrounding areas that are well populated. This will be heard on local news stations and so on. This will only be a sighting which will give way to our normal reaction and assumptions it is nothing more than a weather balloon. But, I will tell you that this will be much more than just a weather balloon. My senses do signify that this will be some sort of light that will have a sound attached to it. But, unfortunately that is the only thing that I pick up on when I look into this particular sighting.

As for my next prediction I feel that this will take place more towards Eastern Europe  – this will be more of an attempt to communicate with us. I feel that we will not see this sign but hear it, as communication will be established. However, it will not be published by mainstream media, but will be leaked out into the public. I do also feel that this will cause a lot of confusion throughout Eastern Europe.

As for Innerspace and my third prediction – a lot of us overlook Inner Space which is right here on Earth in our ocean and in other large bodies of water; I do predict we will have sightings of different species, possibly a fish and marine animals that we had no clue existed. I will start off by increased sightings, then investigations until we actually find this new species that I’m picking up on. It will be new to us but old to this world  – something that will be more aligned with prehistoric eras. I feel that this will take place somewhere around the Atlantic Ocean nearest to Northern Europe.

These are my predictions for extraterrestrial for 2017 hope you have a great and wonderful New Year / 2017. If you would like a personalized reading, please reach out to me via the Psychic Txt app. It will be my pleasure to connect with you.



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