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You Deserve Love Even When You Do Things You Regret

You Deserve Love Even When You Do Things You Regret

girl-smiling2Everyone has done something in a relationship they regret. Everyone has accidentally brought on emotional pain to another without even realizing it. It happens, but too frequently, when you experience bad relationship after bad relationship, you may start to think your past mistakes are the cause of your current relationship experiences. You may assume you have developed some form of bad karma over time and are now destined to be either miserable or alone, or both! That is not the case at all. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone does things they regret, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t meant to experience true happiness in this lifetime so long as you grow from those mistakes. You can wake up each morning and feel loved and cared for. You can find a suitable companion that will show you the love you deserve. The problem isn’t with karma, the problem is with your mindset.

It’s easy to develop this and hold onto the past. You may know what it’s like when you have openly and willingly placed your heart out on the table only to have it shredded before your very eyes. You may know what it’s like to feel as if you are sitting at the bottom of lightless pit with only your tears as a companion. The pain is excruciating, it’s heart wrenching, and is something that can take a once positive person and close them off completely. It is these types of situations that also cause us to question ourselves and assume we are the problem because we did this or that several years ago. You are the not the issue, but in order to break this cycle, you must be willing to make a change right now.

I am big Lion King fan and have always appreciated Rafiki. He reminds us that the past doesn’t matter and that we can only learn from it and move forward. In order to do this, you have to let a lot of old baggage go. You can’t control what happened yesterday. All you can do is start afresh right now and blindly forge ahead into an unknown future. If you are carrying all of your past hurts with you, you will end up traveling down the same road as before. If you walk forward with an open mind, you may just find a brand new road that leads you to the life and relationship you have always wanted. Below, please find two steps you can take right now to start changing your mindset for the better. 

Forgive Yourself

If you have done things you regret or have accidentally hurt people who cared for you greatly, then forgive yourself. Tell yourself you made a mistake and then let it go. Forgiving yourself in an authentic way will help to clear your energy and open the doors for new love opportunities in your life. Again, we don’t have control over what happened in the past and the past no longer matters.

Give Yourself Time To Healrafiki

While self forgiveness and self love are always at the top of this list, make sure you give yourself adequate time to heal. If you have recently come out of a difficult situation, get in touch with who you are again prior to jumping into something new. If you jump right into something else, all of those negative feelings and hurt will still be all over you. That hurt can cause you to inadvertently cling and drive this new person away. Also remember that energy attracts similar energy. If you are still feeling down and miserable, then you are likely to attract someone with the same issues. Don’t get stuck in a situation where you only accept the type of love you feel you deserve.

I know it’s been said before, but everyone deserves real love. Everyone deserves an opportunity to feel refreshed and alive, and everyone deserves an opportunity to share their hearts without constant worry of being hurt. Make sure you are ready, make sure you are in the right place mentally, and then flow. You will be amazed at the changes you see and will be blown away by the people knocking at your door.


If you are going through a tough situation or feel as if you are destined to be miserable, reach out to any one of our trusted psychic advisors. Each of them have the ability to tune into your energy and show you the areas that need further healing. You owe it to yourself to feel wonderful, so get the insight you need to start down a new path of empowerment right now.