ARIES ( March 21 to April 20) Since ARIES sun people are the fiery go-getters 2020 is going to be the year when they have to learn moderation and bring a transformation in them to be more practical and more connected to the Universal energies. Divine protection will be there for their rash actions however the advice for them is to accept people as they are and start counting backward when aroused in anger. Love life is going to be smooth and the stars shine bright for the ones looking for love especially after March. Since the most powerful and benefic planet Jupiter is aspecting ARIES sign, whoever is looking for marriage and lasting commitment in relationships can expect a Blessed one in the year 2020. Professionally ARIES sun sign people are going to do extremely well, start new projects and make investments however have to be alert and protect themselves from manipulative associates always looking for sabotaging their actions and plans. Money flow is going to be in plenty and they have to keep a check on their rash spendthrift ways .On the whole 2020 is going to be a very productive year full of good travels and journeys and huge fulfilment of desires.


TAURUS (April 21 to May 20) Since Taurus is a stable, earthy and practical sign, the people with their Sun in TAURUS take their time to decide and analyze before taking action. 2020 is going to add more stability in their lives with consolidation of finances and becoming stronger and powerful. They are sure to learn and evolve in the coming months creating a balance of Mind and Soul. Socially they will have successful associations which can be taken forward to lasting commitments. Romance is going to rule the Taureans and they are definitely going to look for compassion and care from their partners. Taureans have a huge appetite for love and food both so satisfaction in love life is going to be the highlight in 2020. Academically Taureans are bound to do good and be successful in competitions. There is bound to be travelling for fun as well as work and it will be quite meaningful as the year 2020 is going to teach a lot to people born under Sun Sun sign TAURUS.

GEMINI ( May 21 to June 20)People ruled by Sun in Gemini are amazingly good at communicating and they are really smart at social networking. The year 2020 is expected to bring so much of adventure into the lives of Gemini ruled natives. New friendships, partnerships and new romantic associations are going to be the essence of the year. The ones feeling victimized will be released from their ordeals and of course Since this is the strongest dual sign some will be entering into a phase of victimization and that too knowingly. Prosperity is sure to be there through skilled and creative pursuits. A newness in their love life is the requirement of Gemini persons and the highs and lows of their romantic endeavors is going to be effecting their moods. Stability in love will be there provided vulnerability is controlled. Overall a progressive year as far as money and status is concerned. Travelling will be welcomed and encouraged too , and can be taken up as a profession also .


CANCER ( June 21 to July 20)Natives with Sun in Cancer are great friends, loving and compassionate and always supportive. The year 2020 holds great promises for professional and emotional empowerment. They will be holding the Magical touch that has the power to transform. Love and romance will be truly fulfilling as this is the basic requirement for Cancereans .They have to learn to be giving to a certain limit so that they don’t get hurt later . This is a warning for Cancereans .Physically they have to conserve their strength and energy as 2020 will be making them work tenaciously and with a very focused approach to be successful. Emotional turmoils will be self invited and are bound to effect their performance professionally and academically. Physical attractions are going to make them vulnerable and if they choose a lasting relationship with commitment,it will be successful. Travelling and tourism is going to be an attractive pursuit for them and everything related to these services. Also lending of money and possessions has to be done with a lot of discernment so be wise and analyze before you invest also .When sure then Magic is definitely going to happen.

LEO (July 21 to August 20) People born with Sun in Leo ,it’s own sign are generous, magnanimous and large hearted .They want to live like Kings. The year 2020 can be really challenging for them as they come across lots of opportunities for rise in status and they have to grab them and not let go with their laid back attitude. Property and real estate investments will bear fruits .This is a very emotional sign and they look for stability in love life. New friends and then maturing into meaningful relationships are going to be there . For the fiery Leo’s who get into impulsive relationships, heartbreaks are also predicted ,so they have to decide with proper discernment. Intense emotional turmoils can be expected because Leo’s are so vulnerable to love and romance, easily get hooked. A warning for Leo’s is to hold on to their finances and assets as there are people to undermine them and their generosity does not let them see through others ‘ plans. Overall the year 2020 if travelling with analysis can make them rich and famous. Leo’s are fond of travelling however with proper planning as they are not good at sudden changes and programs, they will be travelling to historic places to learn more about heritage and cultural traditions and traits.

VIRGO ( August 21 to September 20) The natives with Sun in VIRGO are excellent in speech and services . They strain themselves with overwork because they don’t like to depend on others as they feel that they can only do in the highest and best way. The year 2020 is the year of learning and improving for people born with Sun in VIRGO. They are prone to be cheated inspite of their highly analytical and judgmental nature. Money is going to keep flowing in as they have a special knack for making quick bucks. New plans keep coming up throughout the year and ofcourse they are prone to overanalyzing so sometimes not able to make best use of opportunities. Love life is going to be draining as there are too many expectations from the partners. New partners ,attractions and vulnerability are going to be there and as the time turns, after the middle of the year some stability can be expected. Virgo Sun sign people will be looking for beautiful, classy and affluent partners who can pamper them to the heights. There can be events where a total attitude turn around can be expected. Travelling can be very fruitful in terms of business and opportunities. Academically a field of chemistry, chemicals and pharmaceuticals can be chosen for specialization. Overall a period of their life to learn new traits unfolds for VIRGO sun sign people in 2020.

LIBRA ( September 21 to October 20 ) Sun in LIBRA persons have amazingly developed artistic skills and love beauty and luxury, are so sensual and love being immaculately dressed up all the time.  One of the most balanced signs the year 2020 holds a lot of promise for writers, artists and people in the professions of luxury goods, also creative fields. Being overly sensuous they are advised to strike a balance and not go rash in their endeavours. Social interactions and love life are bound to progress well however their dreamy expectations can chase away their partners. Some Librans are going to feel stuck in meaningless relationships and not able to free themselves from their responsibilities. Overall its going to be fruitful romantically and emotionally. Trust issues have to be dealt with as not trusting makes you more uneasy. Your money and possessions are very dear to you and need to be consolidated and looked after. Travelling can be real fun if you are ready for it . Places next to the ocean and natural surroundings away from the crowd can be soothing to your nerves and can be sought after. Overall Librans have to be balanced with their emotions and trust themselves and others for a soothing, progressive 2020.

SCORPIO (October 21 to November 20) People with Sun in SCORPIO are deep thinkers ,analytical and secretive, very good at research work. They are socially active however not open to share their opinions as it’s their own private space they love to be in .Love and sex are so important to soothe the SCORPIO sun Sun people and in 2020 they can expect a lot of it .The year 2020 promises them strong social standing and educating themselves while they progress. SCORPIO sun Sun sign ruled people have to learn to let go their anxieties and insecurities, be joyful and chilled out and let the Universal Universal energies take care. Learn to be stress free and adventurous. Those looking for Blessed and lasting commitments in relationships will definitely be successful. Those looking for their most compatible soulmates are going to find them . Friends will be loyal and trustworthy. Professionally this year has to be taken seriously and focused hard work is the requirement. Spending uselessly and regretting later has to be controlled. A vacation on a cruise will give a feeling of serenity and softness to your overworked nerves. You can come across someone who can be your future love partner during your vacation. Overall 2020 will be awesome and intriguing at the same time .The keyword is Goal oriented focused approach for SCORPIO Sun people.

SAGITTARIUS ( November 21 to December 20) Sagittarius Sun sign people are most versatile and amazingly good maybe learned from their past lives because the traits start showing in their childhood only. The year 2020 is going to be the most remarkable year for them as Jupiter the lord of this sign is in transit in the sign itself. So Sagittarius Sun Sun people can expect amazing rise in status, new beginnings of big projects and super love relationships. They can go ahead and invest in big ventures and the year will see their coffers full by the end. Socially they will be sought after as they bring life into dull environments. Emotional connections will be with choice and the best partners will be chosen. Sudden flings cannot be ruled out and they will be fully satisfying. An easy going attitude has to be acquired to keep stress at bay. Travelling specially to old world places are going to add to their knowledge as they are always hungry to learn and grow. The past has to be completely forgotten as past is past because this is a warning for Sagittarius Sun natives as they base their future judgments based on the past . New chapters are ready to open and you have to walk into them and leave all the oaths and commitments of the past behind. Overall 2020 is going to be full of amazing new connections and experiences which will bear healthy fruits in the future.

CAPRICORN ( December 21 to January 20) People born under Sun sign CAPRICORN are highly responsible, trustworthy and caring people who have hearts of gold though may not be very good at expressing themselves. The year 2020 is going to give them added responsibilities as Saturn is going to transit its own sign in January. This will make them more serious and focused in their approach to the smallest work they are assigned. Beautiful and sensual women are going to attract them and they will be ever so loyal and at their services always. They look for stable relationships and any person can pretend and show some compassion and wrap them up dancing to his / her tunes . compassion and niceness are their weaknesses and they have to learn to see through the truth and pretension in 2020. Traveling to far off destinations is predicted for CAPRICORN sun people and they would love to stay at easy places where they can have friends and known people surrounding them to keep them engaged and energized all the time. Tenaciously working hard and achieving great successes is predicted for CAPRICORN Sun Sun people and academically they can do wonders in the field of mining, metals, gems,and ores procured from below the surface of the h. Sun in CAPRICORN gives a high opinion about oneself and Saturn entering in January can give rise to inner conflicts and restlessness which can be resolved through Spiritual practices. Inner growth and awareness is the solution. Overall it’s a year that will bring out the best in CAPRICORN Sun people and this will be a year to be remembered.

AQUARIUS ( January 21 to February 20 ) The AQUARIUS Sun people are the think big types never compromising and to achieve their ends can resort to taking big risks in trading and gambling either making it really big or harboring huge setbacks too. The year 2020 brings to AQUARIUS Sun people a lot of romantic opportunities and they have to be careful because everyone cannot be trustworthy and some of them may be carrying parasitical energies draining you of your finances and energies leaving you low and down. Money balancing has to be done and the warning is not to go overboard with splurging. Traveling will be so much fun on land and water and finally, after the middle of the year, your dreams start getting fulfilled and you feel a lot of improvement financially, physically and emotionally. Windfalls can be expected after September and you can take risks around that time of the year. The key phrase and warning for AQUARIUS Sun people to be practical and not delusional in matters of love and marriage or commitment. Overall it’s a year of initial disappointments and awareness and finally ending in abundance and fulfilling love arrangements.

PISCES ( February 21 to March 20) Persons with Sun in PISCES are very sensitive and emotional always looking for support and somewhat unorganized however amazingly good dreamers and planners. They can form clear pictures in their minds before they create something. The year 2020 for PISCES Sun people amazingly Blessed love affairs, sensual beauty and so much satisfaction on the emotional plane. All this will fit in so well into their dreamy minds. Since they are physically sensitive also 2020 is going to be somewhat draining as they have to put in long hours of work to meet their requirements. They have an inherent quality of being influenced and this is a warning for them that they have to believe what they hear and see rather than believing in what others feed them. Finances have to be managed well and kept track of. Investments in real estate have to be done after proper discernment and it will be fruitful. Planned travels are recommended and be careful with your documents and belongings during the journey. Overall 2020 will be superb for love and relationships and professionally a lot of organized planning can bring results. Academically traveling to a foreign destination for higher education can be initially challenging however once settled can sow the seeds for an excellent future. The keyword is, ‘ Be careful. ‘

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