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  • At PsychicTxt, we are committed to providing you with real insight when you need it most. Whether you are inquiring about love, career, finances, or even general life concerns, our psychic advisors are here to provide you with answers you can trust. All of our online psychics have been tested for authenticity and offer a wide range of specialties – from tarot readings to clairvoyance to relationship matters; our psychics can do it all!

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"Two months later, I was just hired at an amazing job ! I now use the app every day and am no longer in the dark about my life’s purpose!"

Sam W. – Smithtown, NY

"The psychic was not only able to tell me that he was my match, but also how best to approach this relationship and take it to the next level. I feel like I found my soulmate. Thanks, Psychic Txt!"

Julie R. – Tucson, AZ

"She helped me to keep the faith and he showed up right when she said he would. He even has kids!"

Denise M. – Sacramento, CA

"For the first time in a long time, I finally feel as if my life is completely coming together. My psychic worked one on one with me and helped me to change my outlook and focus. Every single day now is brighter. Thank you!"

Bridget S. – London, UK


  • How Do I Download The App? PsychicTxt is currently available on both Android and iOS devices. Click the link on the bottom of this site to download it right away!
  • Can I Review My Past Readings? Yes you can! PsychicTxt stores all of your conversation history. Simply choose the “InBox” tab to view your past psychic readings.
  • How Do I Ask A Question? Simply select the “Psychics” tab, choose your psychic advisor, and send your question. It’s as easy as sending a text!
  • How Do I Purchase More Credits? Getting the credits you need is easy. Simply open the menu, choose the settings option, and select your preferred credits package.

Try it! Your first question is free!